Who is Bi.Bran recommended for?

Most beneficiaries of Bi.Bran are those with weak immune systems and those who undergo immunosuppressive treatment.

Is Bi.Bran the treatment or treatment of certain diseases?

Bi.Bran is not a medicine or treatment for any illness or medical condition on its own. It is most successfully used in addition to an appropriate treatment program (traditional or other) that is supervised by a health care practitioner.

Is Bi.Bran useful for X, Y or Z disease?

In general, individuals experiencing a disease that suppresses the immune system are likely to benefit more from Bi.Bran supplements. However, it should be emphasized once again that Bi.Bran is NOT a treatment or medicine itself.

In general, people receiving viral cancer-transmitted diseases, infections and conventional cancer therapies that suppress the immune system, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, benefit from the use of Bi.Bran food supplements in addition to current treatments.

One of the most reported benefits of Bi.Bran support is that it helps improve quality of life during conventional treatments available.

If an autoimmune disease is present, should Bi.Bran MGN-3 be avoided?

Autoimmune diseases are situations in which the immune system attacks its own body - it has lost the ability to distinguish between self and non-self. Examples of autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and Crohn's Disease. If the problem is serious, doctors will prescribe immunosuppressive drugs to undermine the severity of this self-attack.

Immunosuppressants are also prescribed for cell, tissue or organ transplantation to minimize rejection by the immune system. Therefore, if you are taking immunosuppressive drugs, it is advisable not to use Bi.Bran clearly or at least consult your doctor first.

Is there a difference between the effectiveness of sachets and tablets?

Bi.Bran MGN-3 manufacturers were assured that there was no difference in activity between the forms the Biobran came in. Therefore, taking 4 tablets is completely equivalent to taking a sachet: both contain a 1000 mg arabinoxilane component. (Tablets are better suited for those in smaller dosages and those who don't want the powder mixed with half a glass of water.)

However, since the bags are more easily absorbed, they should ideally be taken about 20 minutes after eating, while the tablets should be taken with eating.

Is Bi.Bran a different product than Biobran, Immunobran and MGN-3 ?

All of these are different trademark names of the same Arabinoxylan MGN-3 compound produced by Dawia Pharmaceutical in Japan. It may take diffrent brand names in allignment whit the countries legal regulations. The content and active ingredients are exactly the same.

Can bi.bran be taken during a stem cell transplant?

Once the stem cells are taken and the immunosuppressants are stopped, Bi.Bran can be taken under your doctor's knowledge and control.

Can pregnant women take Bi.bran ?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding periods, and in cases of illness and drug use, it is recommended to consult your doctor before using Bi.Bran.