Main features of Bi.Bran®

Easily Absorbed
Clinical studies with Bi.Bran have shown that Arabinoxylan MGN-3 is easily digested and involved in the intestinal absorption process.

Backed by Peer-Reviewed Research
Bi.Bran MGN-3 is the focus of scientific and clinical research at many reputable universities in Japan, the USA and Europe. These clinical studies, many of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals, have yielded striking results demonstrating the potent effects of the MGN-3 Arabinoxylan Compound.

It was observed that MGN-3- Arabinoxylan Compound improves the overall quality of life, especially in clinical studies conducted with patient groups that undergo immunosuppressive treatment processes; It has been shown to significantly increase the activity of NK cells and T and B cell cells.

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Clean and natural content
Bi.Bran is a natural food supplement made from rice bran and the enzymes of the shitake mushroom. It is not a drug, a synthetic chemical or genetically modified.

Easy to use
Bi.Bran is very easy to use as a delicious oral supplement, available in tablets that are easy to swallow or in the form of soluble powder.

Fast Acting
Bi.Bran's immune enhancing effects kick in in just a few days, and it takes only a few weeks for the immunomodulation effect to reach 90% of its peak.

High quality manufacturing
Bi.Bran MGN-3 is manufactured according to the high quality standards of Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Japan and meets both strict Japan and European and US high food standards.